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Conwy 2019 - Year 5 residential

Class: Year 5 Year: 2019 - 2020

Year 5 residential visit to Conwy.

September 16th - 18th 2019

Morning update 16/09/2019: 

Year 5 have arrived at the Welsh Mountain Zoo safe and sound. They are currently watching a birds of prey and penguin show before lunch. Then they will be off to watch the sea-lions and monkeys!

Early evening update 16/09/2019: 

The Conwyians have had a fabulous time at the Welsh Mountain Zoo today.
They arrived at the Youth Hostel and after some un-packing and organising they tootled off for some food.
They’ll be doing treasure hunt shortly (I LOVE a good treasure hunt!) before heading to bed.
I’m told that they’re quite tired after such a busy day.....wonder if that’ll be the case when they get into bed 🤔


Night time update 16/09/2019:

The Conwyians are settled in bed...and believe it or not, lots are even asleep! A busy day to come tomorrow.

Morning update 17/09/2019: 

​After a good sleep, the Conwyians have just eaten breakfast. They are now getting sorted to set off for their visit to Conwy Castle. The weather is looking promising!

Early evening update 17/09/2019:

The Conwyians are all showered and are currently having a play outside before tea. It’s been a long and busy day so tonight will be a playing games, colouring and quizzes kinda night. 


Night time update 17/09/2019:

The Conwyians have had a great day. After a visit to Conwy Castle and the harbour they walked the walls around Conwy. They’re exhausted and have actually asked to go to bed...miracles do happen!

Morning update 18/09/2019: 

The children had a great sleep last night! They were up early and packed ready for their last day at Llandudno and a trip up The Orme!

Afternoon update 18/09/2019:

​And they're off! The bus has left Llandudno and is estimated to be back at school at around 4:30pm. Thanks