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Religious Education

The Religious Education curriculum forms an important part of our school’s spiritual, moral and social teaching. It also promotes education for citizenship. Religious Education is part of the basic curriculum but not part of the National Curriculum because it is taught in accordance with a locally agreed syllabus (in our case the RE Agreed Syllabus for Cheshire East 2011) and it meets all the requirements set out in that document. The Education Rreform Act states that the RE syllabus should reflect the fact that the religious traditions in Great Britain are in the main Christian and that it should, at the same time, take account of the teachings and practices of other major religions.


At Ivy Bank Primary we aim to provide Religious Education which helps pupils to:-

Learn about religion (Attainment Target 1) by:

· Developing a knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and teachings;

· Developing a knowledge and understanding of religious practices and lifestyles;

· Explaining meanings within religious language, story and symbolism.

Learn from religion (Attainment Target 2) by:

· Reflecting on aspects of human nature, identity, personality and experience especially in the light of one’s own beliefs and experiences;

· Identifying and responding to questions about the nature, meaning and purpose of life;

· Giving informed and considered responses to religious and moral issues.

Learning from religion is concerned with developing pupils’ capacity to respond thoughtfully to and evaluate what they learn about religion.

Curriculum Planning

Christianity is taught throughout both Key Stages. At Key Stage 1 it makes up the majority of the curriculum content and at Key Stage 2, it makes up two thirds of the curriculum content as required by the Cheshire East Syllabus. Judaism is introduced for the first time in Year 2 and taught throughout Key Stage 2. Hinduism is introduced for the first time at Key Stage 2.

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