Support for Spelling (a Government initiative) is the backbone of our teaching of spelling throughout the school supplemented by the Babcock Spelling scheme in Years 2 - 6. Spelling is taught through an investigative approach and the children keep personal spelling lists of the words they misspell across the curriculum. Random spelling lists are not encouraged as the children do not tend to apply learned spellings to their own writing. We hope to foster a love of words, so children are inspired to always search for the best vocabulary choices to improve the quality of their writing.


Recommended Resources

Use the active-learn website to access spelling games allocated to your child by their teacher. A record of your child's performance in the games is sent to the teacher. The children earn tokens to spend on the fun games and activities on the website.

Use Espresso to access hundreds of free resources to help your child with their English.  UN=student 6994  PW= flyer15

KS1 -Recognising and Practising Common Spelling Patterns




Woodlands Junior Spelling Resources