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Data Protection Information

Data Controller: Ivy Bank Primary School

AET Data Protection Officer (MAT DPO): Mrs Lynn Treadway

Data Protection Officer (DPO): Mrs Rachel Calnun-Pratt

To contact the Aspire Education Trust Data Protection officer please email: ltreadway@aet.cheshire.sch.uk

To contact the school Data Protection Officer please email bursar@ivybank.cheshire.sch.uk 


Please see Aspire's website for details on data protection where you will be able to will be able to access privacy notices and key data protection policies.

Aspire Educational Trust - Data Protection



This statement confirms that, at Ivy Bank Primary School, we do not store or process any form of biometric data, such as fingerprints or retina scans. 

The Board of Trustees and data protection officer (DPO) will review this statement on at least an annual basis. The next scheduled review date for this statement is Autumn Term 2024. 

If the school does decide to store or process biometric data, a policy will be implemented for the processing of such data, which would be made available on the school website. Any changes made to the school’s position on the processing of biometric data will be clearly communicated to all staff, parents and pupils.  

If you have any questions about this statement, please contact the DPO on dpo@aet.cheshire.sch.uk   

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