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At Ivy Bank Primary School, this Computing policy reflects our commitment to promote and encourage a lifelong love of learning. This policy should be read in conjunction with the Scheme of work for Computing, from Purple Mash, which sets out what pupils in different year groups will be taught and also in conjunction with the Acceptable Use and E-Safety Policies.

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We believe that:

· The Computing curriculum should meet the needs of all pupils, regardless of ability, culture or background.

· Children deserve a curriculum rich with opportunities and experiences, to allow them to develop a deep understanding of the digital world.

· Partnership with parents has a valuable role to play in addressing the education of all pupils. The extensive use of digital devices away from school means that educating parents in the appropriate use of technology and e-safety is essential.

· Relevant resources should be used to complement the specific needs of individual pupils, engage them and encourage them to apply their learning.

· School plays a vital role in the development of a child's self-esteem, including how they perceive themselves and interact with others online.

· Pupils should be encouraged to recognise their own strengths.

· Pupils need regular encouragement and praise if they are to become confident, motivated and independent learners.



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