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Is My Child Well Enough to Attend School?

Sometimes we all feel a little under the weather but as adults are able to make the decision whether we are able to carry on out daily tasks or attend work.  Understandably, it's difficult to make this judgement when your child tells you they feel unwell or has an illness.  We all want children to attend school regularly as we know what an impact that missed learning time can have on their progress and future lives.  

Guidance that may help you make the decision about whether to send your child into school can be found on the NHS website.

You can always give the school a call too, and we will do our best to advise.  If your child starts the day in school, but we then feel that they need to go home, we will always call you.  

Alternatively, it may be that your child doesn't seem well enough at the beginning of the day but then improves as the day goes on.  Please do bring them in later if this happens.  It is better to access some learning than none on that day.


And this on temperatures

High temperature (fever) in children - NHS (www.nhs.uk)


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