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Physical Education - PE

"Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just illusions."

Michael Jordan



"The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning."




"I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all, I Love to play."

Boris Becker





It is the intent of Ivy Bank for Physical Education to be taught in all year groups for a minimum of two hours of a week (including swimming in KS2). The vision of Physical Education within Ivy Bank Primary School is that pupils leave primary school physically literate and with a wide range of skills and knowledge that can be applied across a variety of sports and physical activity. It is the intent that the knowledge and skills of this curriculum are progressive, thereby building on previous learning, developing a knowledge of safety and an appreciation of the principles of safe practice through correct handling of PE equipment and a commitment to ensuring safe and effective exercise procedures.  


Ivy Bank’s Physical Education follows the aims and skills in the National Curriculum 2014. PE provides challenging and enjoyable learning through a variety of sporting activities: Invasion games, fine motor skill activities, striking and fielding games, Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming, Outdoor and Adventure Activities. We aim to introduce the children to a brand-new sport every year in Ivy Bank.

The Long-term plan sets out the units that are to be taught throughout the year, ensuring all National Curriculum aims are met and progress is evident.

Pupils engage in two PE lessons a week – that cover two different sporting principles (indoor and outdoor) we promote sportsmanship and teamwork throughout all of the PE on offer.

We host and attend sporting competitions within the Cheshire area on a regular basis across a range of different sports.

We currently have Year 5/6 children as sports leaders who will help with events such as sports day. They also run sporting activities and games every lunch time for all children to participate in – encouraging a healthy and active lunch break throughout the school.

All the children in the school compete in our interhouse competitions at the end of each half term - where we then announce the winning house.

We have a Cross Country Club which runs every Friday lunchtime for KS2.

The children all the way from Year 1 - Year 6 are invited to attend a different after school club every night of the week and these change every term to ensure maximum inclusivity across the school.

We have a great relationship with a number of outside sports agencies such as Macclesfield FC Community sports trust, PlayersPlus, Pearson football and sports coaching, MSSP, Tennis Tykes, Laura Kendal Dance and Mike Mullen BMX Academy to name a few.

We aim to increase pupil fitness year on year with our progressive endurance P.E warmups gradually increasing from 6 minutes - 12 minutes as the children get older.

The goal is for all children at Ivy Bank to find a sport or physical activity they enjoy, allowing them to retain an understanding of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle throughout their life.

We have introduced a new target at Ivy Bank in the 2022/23 academic year, that each year group will complete a Physical Education based professional workshop each year, we have been very active in achieving this goal where: Year 6 completed a BMX workshop with Mike Mullen BMX Academy; Year 5 had a visit from Dean Sibson (Professional Football Manager) and completed a workshop based on respect in sport; Years 1-4 will be completing a fitness and exercise workshop using mini trampolines with JDK Fitness; Year 3 have completed a Dance workshop with Laura Kendal Dance where they will be performing in an end of year show with many more to come.



The PE curriculum outlined and followed at Ivy Bank will ensure children’s progress in a variety of sports building on the 6 fundamental strands of PE: Gymnastics; dance; fundamental movement skills; invasion games; striking and fielding games and net and wall games. The use of PE passport and agreed long term end points within the aspire trust ensure progression of skills and knowledge is steady. This curriculum will also, over time, improve children’s progress in different domains of learning.  Children will also gain vital life skills in teamwork, communication and evaluating and providing feedback as the progress to the latter stages of Key Stage 2. This scheme of works ensures support and challenge is provided to all learners and most importantly that all children’s achievements are valued.






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