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MFL - Spanish

“Everybody deserves the chance to benefit from the cultural and economic advantages language skills can bring. Learning languages also helps to develop tolerance and understanding between people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds”.


At Ivy Bank Primary school, our teaching of Spanish is based on the National Curriculum 2014 and aims to inspire our learners to develop a genuine interest and curiosity about foreign languages, especially the Spanish language and culture. Learning a second language ensures all children have an equal chance of experiencing and developing knowledge of a different culture, as well as providing children with the opportunity to explore the world around them. Throughout their time at Ivy Bank, children will develop key skills, including their ability to understand, listen and respond to others orally in Spanish and in written form. We aim to provide the children at Ivy Bank with the foundation and confidence to become life-long language learners, as well as developing each child’s cultural capital.

To achieve this our curriculum is delivered through stories, songs, speech and writing. It is designed to ensure that children are continuously given opportunities to build upon their prior knowledge and bridge back to what they already know, to ensure there is progression and help the children to know and remember more.


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