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To be successful mathematicians, we believe the children need to develop a deep understanding of number from which they can apply their learning in a flexible way. Within lessons, children are given the opportunity to see how different mathematical ideas are linked though practical and exciting learning contexts.

Our maths learning culture:

  • Having a growth mindset - Enjoy challenges, learn from mistakes, celebrate effort and reflect on learning

  • Use your whole brain - Explore creative ideas, work logically, check work and control negative emotions

  • Be active to understand - Take steps to help you see a problem more clearly

  • Adapt to the situation - Use different strategies, make choices and try different ways

  • See the connections - Think about how different mathematical ideas and strategies can be linked

Parent Involvement

We encourage parents to play an active role in supporting your child through their mathematical journey. 

Please encourage your child to use some of the websites that we use in school. You can find the links on the Maths Website page. 

The Curriculum

For an overview of the learning in each year group please see the Maths Curriculum page. There is also a link to the age related expectations for each year group.

Calculation Guidance

Ivy Bank's Calculation Guidance gives an overview of the different methods the children will be taught and progression within each style of calculation. A copy can be found on the Maths Curriculum page. 


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