Week 5 - Keeping Safe Online

Internet Safety Day

What is Internet Safety Day all about?

Internet Safety Day has been marked each year since 2005, in over 100 countries worldwide. It aims to raise awareness of online safety issues and events and activities are happening all across the UK. The UK Safer Internet Centre The UK Safer Internet Centre is coordinated by three leading charities: Childnet International, the South West Grid for Learning and Internet Watch Foundation. The centre has one mission: to promote the safe and responsible use of technology for young people. The aim is that children and young people are aware of how to use the Internet safely and responsibly, making good choices and keeping themselves safe.

How can children be kept safe?

It sounds strange to talk about not being ‘safe’ on the Internet when we are often at home using different devices. However, the Internet is like a huge door to the outside world. This means there are an unimaginable number of strangers out there. There are some rules which everyone should follow. These rules allow people to make responsible choices and stay safe online.

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