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Week 2 - Welcome back : reconnection, re-igniting and resilience

As we continue to get used to our new normal, we think about what is different and what is the same - including our wellbeing given we are going through the Coronavirus pandemic and also that we are setting targets and enjoying our learning.

It is important that we know how to feel happy and safe at school - use the assembly to discuss this and make plans as your class bubble.

We are also going to use this week to reflect on our lockdown experiences ...the good days and bad days during lockdown.  You will notice that this is a wordless booklet with scenes of what life might have been like during the past few months looking at what makes a ‘good day’ and what makes a ‘bad day’.

Think about social distancing, lockdown and the daily routines you had and talk about the images so that you work out what is going on and the different experiences we may have had.  Nearer the end, there are short explanations the artists have given to explain there images - do you agree?

On our Support Through Coronavirus webpage, you will find more wordless stories around testing, being ill with Coronavirus and bereavement from Coronavirus.



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