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Week 11 - Anti-Bullying Week

The theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2020: is United Against Bullying

We're holding Odd Socks Day on Friday 20th November. All you need to do is wear odd socks! It's a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique in Anti-Bullying Week. 

People who are being bullied often feel very alone. It can feel as if no-one cares or even that other people are on the bully’s side if they don’t speak up. At Ivy Bank, we always encourage you to speak to someone you know or trust if you have any concerns about bullying. If you do not feel you can tell someone you can write a worry down and pass it onto an adult. If you think your friend is being bullied, say something! 

We want all the children at Ivy Bank to feel safe at school.


Also, attached is an Anti-bullying talk for anti-bullying by Cheshire SSYP  (Police)


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