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Week 1 - New year, but what has changed?

There has been a lot of talking about getting the year 2020 because it has been so difficult and different and some families have lost their loved ones to Coronavirus. 

As you got up on 1st January, did you feel better?  What had changed?

In my house, we decided that not a lot had and we were still living to the same rules for Coronavirus but what had changed, was a feeling that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, especially around vaccines.

Same as hiding eggs all over the place on Easter, there are traditions at New Year's which are unique to that time of year.  The one we'll focus on here is the New Year's resolution, which is basically a target that you set yourself to achieve over the course of the next year. This tradition is followed all over the globe and in the Eastern Hemisphere, it is tradition for a person to set a goal of fixing a part of their behaviour that is not very nice or achieve a goal that would improve that person's life.

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