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Week 1 - 2020 a new year with new aims and goals

Welcome to 2020!

New Year is a festival that celebrates the end of one year and the start of another. Lots of cultures have special new year festivals. They are at different times of the year.

People enjoy getting together with family or friends and counting down the hours, minutes and seconds to the start of a brand

new year.  You might even be allowed to stay up extra late!

Many people like to make new year resolutions which are personal goals that they aim to work on throughout the year.

Anyone can make a new year resolution and some make more than one!  Some examples: Getting homework in on time, keeping your bedroom tidy, doing more exercise or eating more healthily.

Have you made any new year resolutions for 2020? What are they?  Use the change balloons to record your thinking.  Also, have a go at the maths 2020 quiz.


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