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SCHOOL CLOSURE - Weekly Timetable for WB 1st June

We are now in Summer 2! Which is our final half term of the year, it is crazy how things have turned out but we are still doing a great job of learning and you're all doing an amazing job of teaching! 

We are now going to be mainly using the curriculum from Oak Academy which is super useful as there is an online teacher helping you go through the learning. Most of the process contains a start quiz which recaps your previous knowledge, followed by an online video and some activities which are explained on the video and then an exit quiz. 

We wiIl still be attaching the lessons below to make it easier to guide you to them, please do not go onto different lessons as this may be used in another session that we plan.


English - Setting Descriptions

All of the below links take you to the Oak National Academy, the lessons consist of a start quiz, a video, an activity and then a final quiz to consolidate what you have learnt in that lesson.  When you are watching the video, this is the main input of the lesson so you need to listen to it carefully, you can pause it at any time and make notes in your workbook to help you. 

There are no worksheets attached for the lesson, any writing will need to be written in your workbooks or you can type it up. 

Monday - Reading Comprehension


Tuesday - Comprehension Continued.


Wednesday - Identifying Text Features


Thursday - SPaG Focus


Friday - Writing a Setting Description





We have one final week to complete on Decimals before we move onto a different topic. This week will also help you to refresh your memory on column addition and subtraction. We are continuing to use the White Rose site for this subject, the link is included below.  As before click on the minus button to reveal more menu options and this week select 


Summer Term week 2 (w/k 27th April)

As always there is a short video clip to watch and a worksheet to complete as you are watching the video, so have the worksheet and a pencil with you as you watch the video.  The answers are below the worksheet. You need to complete the worksheet for each lesson, one per day.  If you want an extra challenge I have attached some deeper diving questions below. As always choose the level you are most comfortable with and just do what you can. DEEPER DIVING QUESTIONS ARE OPTIONAL!


Lesson 1 MONDAY : Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places


Lesson 2 TUESDAY: Subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places


Lesson 3 WEDNESDAY: Adding decimals with a different number of decimal places


Lesson 4 THURSDAY: Subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places


Lesson 5 FRIDAY: Decimals Review

For this go to your MNP workbook 5B  page 32 complete Review 7 ending page 36 and then Review 8 pages 45 to 46.  These two reviews look back over everything you have learnt in the past 4 weeks.  If you can't remember something you can still access the old videos on the white rose site for a quick reminder. Just select the earlier weeks and look for the appropriate title of the lesson.


OPTIONAL Friday Maths Challenge

If you whizz through MNP without any difficulty you could have a go at some of the questions from the Friday maths challenge (Lesson 5 on the white rose site)



Art- Texture treasure hunt:
Watch the teacher video and follow the slides to find textures around your home and create a frontage patchwork

Science- Igneous rock- 

Work through the Oak academy teacher video, quiz and slides and complete the igneous rocks quiz.



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