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School Arrangements 2020

  1. Please note there are no changes to the staggered timings - these must still stay in place so that we can promote social distancing and safely accommodate the movement.
  2. We are still offering that siblings may be dropped off and collected together so that adults spend the minimal time on site; this has been working well and we would encourage this.
  3. Only 1 adult is to be on site with child(ren)
  4. Adults MUST wear a face covering on the school site
  5. Adults can only be in areas identified on the plan (attached document)
  6. School staff will remain in their classrooms at drop off to greet their children.
  7. School staff will remain at exit doors during collection times
  8. If you need to get an urgent message to your child's teacher, please contact the school office. You can email the teacher directly but please consider that they will be teaching, so it will be later that they respond or phone you.
Drop off:
  • Side gate: The Owlery and Nursery children will continue to be dropped off at the side gate where parents can enter the pathway and will be asked to keep left via signage. This is a narrow pathway where social distancing is difficult so you MUST wear a face covering please. There is a white STOP line near the gate; adults must not go past this point please and children will need to walk into their classrooms independently. The drop off times remain the same.
  • Front gate: Y6 Mr Herd /Mrs Burnage, Y5 Miss Amos, Y4 Mrs Picksley/ Mrs Gibbon and Y3 Miss Churchill will enter using the front gate please. This will use a one-way system where you will enter through one gate and out of the other using the school entrance car park area. You MUST use a face covering please and no adults are to go past the white STOP line. Drop off times remain the same.
  • If you need the school office, we ask that you phone or email in the first instance. If you are needing to drop items into school, this will need to be after 9.30am where you will need to leave the items outside the door and a staff member will collect once you have moved away.
  • Main gate: The rest of the school will now use the main gate (where I stand) where you will enter through the left-hand gate (signposted) to walk a one-way system down the driveway. At the top of the driveway, there is a white STOP line and adults must not go past this point please. I am hoping that volunteer social distancing marshals will support with this. Your child(ren) will enter the playground and go straight to their classrooms independently. However, if your child(ren) is in FSW Mr Walker, Y1 Mrs Martin /Mrs Thompson or Y2 Miss Gillies; you will continue with them around the one-way system and drop them off at the second white STOP line which borders the entrance to the front area. To support social distancing adults MUST wear face coverings. If your child is confident to enter the school gate independently, we would encourage this. This one-way system will rely on families keeping to the staggered times please.

Collection time:
  • Side gate: The Owlery and Nursery children will use the side gate and one-way system as explained in the drop off section, keeping to the staggered times and adults wearing face coverings. Parents of Nursery pupils who have older children may continue around the back of the school (shown on the attached plan), to reach the designated collection zones for siblings.
  • Front gateY5 Miss Amos, Y3 Miss Churchill and Y2 Miss Gillies will be collected from the front gate where one adult can stand in the area (named Zone 6) to collect. Y5 and Y3 collection time remains the same but please note that Y2 Miss Gillies has needed to be moved to 3.20pm
  • Main gate: the rest of the school will be collected from zones in the playground as identified on the attached plan. Adults, wearing face coverings, 5 minutes before the staggered collection time, will enter the one-way system and onto the playground to stand in the correct zone. The zones are:
§ Zone 1 = top playground
§ Zone 2 = bottom playground half nearest the neighbours/hedge
§ Zone 3 = bottom playground half nearest the school building
§ Zone 4 = Not in use
§ Zone 5 = front trim trail area

a) These zones are very familiar to the children because we use them for playtimes, lunchtime play and PE lessons; you will have seen images of them in the social story we sent home about returning to school in bubbles.
b) Staff will use designated exit doors around the school, using the staggered times so that we can socially distance class bubbles and send the children directly to their adult who will be stood in the collection zone.
c) Adults are not to go out of their collection zone or to the exit door please.
d) Only one adult will collect and will be wearing a mask.
e) We will continue sibling collection together where this will be at the latest staggered time.
f) Please leave the playground as quickly as possible using the one-way system

g) Y1 Mrs Martin/ Mrs Thompson and FSW Mr Walker will need adults to walk the one-way system fully to access Zone 5 correctly please, where they will wait in the front trim trail area.

Please note that due to movement there are new collection times for:

§ Foundation Stage 2 (Reception children with Mrs Thomas and Mr Walker) of 3.35pm
§ Y2 Miss Gillies at 3.20pm from the front gate





Contact the School

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Tel: 01625 448014 (Extension 4)

Chair of Governors
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Email: chair@ivybank.cheshire.sch.uk

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