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Spring Term 2016 saw the launch of PAWS 

- Purposeful Activities Without School!

PAWS tasks are optional homework set each term where the children have 8 activities.  These link to their current topics and others may relate to the ethos and values we treasure at Ivy Bank. 

PAWS relates to Packtypes which were are continuing to use for the benefit of all our learners.  We have worked hard to design the PAWS tasks for the enjoyment for all.  Each Packtype has its own task related to the behaviour of that pack - the children will hopefully be able to tell you about each Packtype now and give you examples of characters who behave like those packs.

Some tasks might be a verbal response whilst others may be written.  How you record progress and achievement in these tasks is up to you; there was a lovely variety last term.  Some families recorded on paper, others emailed their teachers photos and video clips but it is also ok just for the task sheet to be signed by the parent/carer. 

Further copies of each year group's AUTUMN 2017 PAWS task sheets are on this page for downloading

Please can we ask that completed PAWS sheets for Autumn 2017 are handed in to the class teachers from Monday 4th December 2017 in order to allow the children time to share their work with their teacher and peers. 

I would finally like to stress, that as agreed in the homework policy, PAWS is optional to complete.  For those children who do PAWS, the rewards are linked to how many activities they complete. 
1-3 activities completed= A Packtype sticker.
4-5 activities completed= A Packtype badge for the children to collect.
6-7 activities completed = A snack voucher
All 8 activities completed = An extra fun playtime at the end of term.

Please feel free to come and see Mrs Gill or your child’s class teacher if you have any queries.


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