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Packtypes is a game of cards that is helping us understand and appreciate our own strengths, plus it helps us recognise and value the difference in others.  We are having a great time playing whilst learning about ourselves and our peers.

Our launch afternoons involved playing with the Packtype cards and then completing a carousel of activities based on each of the 8 Packtypes...we found this really interesting and exciting! Find out about the different PACKS here.

We then completed an 8 week programme where we introduced a different Packtype each week. 

Everyone has been Packtyping!!!!....the pupils, teachers and parents...even the midday ladies! 

On Friday 14th October 2016 we had our very own Packtype Dress Up Day! On this day children and staff across the school dressed up in many different and crazy ways. These looks represented their strongest Packtype, which is something we have been focusing on during lessons.  Everyone looked amazing as you can see from the photos.  


Spring Term 2016 saw the launch of PAWS. The PAWS homework is set every term where it has eight activities for the children to complete. Click on the link below to find out the latest PAWS challenges.