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Our Eco Garden

The Market Garden

At school we are very lucky to have a great outdoor learning environment to promote learning through all of our senses. We have a thriving vegetable plot and a greenhouse behind the hall, which is planted up annually by different groups within school. Our produce, which usually includes potatoes, onions, rhubarb and strawberries, is then put by the front gate each week for our school community to enjoy. All donations are used to buy seeds, compost and other necessary equipment to replenish our stocks for the following year.

Gardening Club

Usually from Easter through to the Autumn, we run a Gardening Club after school. Activies enjoyed include planting up seeds, creating hanging baskets and maintaining beds around the school. As well as a love of being outdoors, the children develop new skills through different learning opportunities, and hopefully acquire a life long love of gardening (and maybe even their own 'green fingers').

If you would be interested in becoming involved in any of the above activites or helping to maintain our garden areas, you would be most welcome. Please contact Mrs Broomhead through school or via email (pbroomhead@ivybank.cheshire.sch.uk).