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Music Enrichment

Music is very important to the children and staff at Ivy Bank.

We have lots of fun in our music lessons and have many opportunities to learn a range of instruments and to improve our own voices with lots of singing.

We have a school choir which operates from September to February each year which cumulates in a performance with Young Voices at the MEN arena. The choir also perform christmas carols at Tesco, Co-Op, The Weaver and Age UK. They have even sung at a wedding! 

Year 4 take part in music lessons at Macclesfield Academy, they experience guitar and drum lessons every week for one term. 

Year 5 take part in 'Wider opportunities in Music' and have specialised music tuition, whilst learning how to play the Ukulele. They sound great when they all play together.

Children are able to access private tution within the school to learn a musical instrument of their choice. This includes guitar, keyboard, flute and clarinet. 

We enjoy performing to our parents in the Summer Fair concert and we love to sing our school song in assemblies!

Below is a copy of our school song. 


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