Meet the Team

Below you will find information about our Senior Leadership Team and our teaching staff along with their email addresses and responsibilies.

Unfortunately, we do not have photos of all of our teachers at the moment as they can get a little camera shy!

Mrs Gill -

Acting Head, Safeguarding Lead

Mr Herd -

Assistant Head, Pupil Progress Lead, Year 6 teacher

Mrs Hathway -

Assistant Head, Inclusion Manager, SENCo, Safeguarding Deputy


Mrs Warren -

Preschool manager (FS1)

Mrs Thomas -

EYFS2 (Reception) Teacher, EYFS Lead 

Mr Walker -

EYFS2 (Reception) Teacher, Computing Lead

Mr Millward -

Year 1 Teacher, 

Mrs Barber -

Year 1 Teacher, SENCo, Music Lead

Mrs Hayhurst -

Year 1 Teacher, Pupil Premium Champion, PSHE Lead

(Currently on maternity leave)

Miss Gillies -

Year 2 Teacher, Art Lead, Teacher Trainee Mentor


Mrs Jones -

Year 2 Teacher, Maths team KS1 


Mrs Goodwin -

Year 3 Teacher, Curriculum Lead, Geography, Outdoor learning

Mrs Thompson -

Year 3 Teacher, Maths Lead


Mrs Picksley -

Year 4 Teacher, RE Lead

Mrs Gibbon -

Year 4 Teacher, History Lead


Mr Woods -

Year 4 Teacher, Science Lead


Mrs Corrigan -

Y5 Teacher, PE + Sports Lead, Extra-Curricular Coordinator

Miss Churchill -

Year 5 Teacher, English team


Miss Hutter -

Year 6 Teacher, Maths Team KS2 

(Currently on maternity leave)

Mrs Holt -

Year 6 Teacher, English Team

Mrs Broomhead -

Year 1 Teacher, Reading Teacher, English Team



Mrs Mahon -

Outreach 'Satellite' Teacher