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Barn Owls Home Learning Week 13 Monday 6th July


School closure task menu Week 13:  BARN OWLS (week beginning Monday 6th July 2020) 

  • Choose from the following activities and complete 1 task from each box daily.  

  • Owlery learners often learn best when they repeat activities several times; so please feel free to do the same thing for several days in a row.  

  • Choose the activities that suit the ability of your child – and feel free to adapt as you think best. 

  • We know children may only focus on tasks for a short time- aim for 10 mins of full concentration, before a short reward (e.g a choice of toys), followed by another 10 min block of learning. Use Job 1, job 2, reward card in the red packs to help. 

Communication, Language and Literacy 




Watch the weekly story every day to start the session



Double (B9) 

Start Maths each day in the same way:  

Use Espresso (Student 6994 Flyer 15) search for Double Trouble Blues 


Create pictures using natural materials – earth, leaves, stones, pebbles and grass Look at the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy:  



Make an under the ground scene.  Use a small cardboard box and turn it on its side.  Inside, make an imaginary underground scene using collage or paint to make a background, then add small toys, or playdough models for the creatures who live there.  Decorate the top edge of the box to look like grass and make a hole to look through. 

The Something 

A small boy loses a ball in a hole in the garden. Maybe something lives there, what could it be? A mouse, a badger, a mole, frogs or rabbits, perhaps even something really scary like a troll or a dragon? Everyone he speaks to has a different idea. Perhaps if he watches and waits he will find out… 

  • Make a menu for the troll or the dragons. 

  • Make messages for all the different animals – what would you say to them? 

Dice Doubling 

You will need: 

20 small items (Lego pieces, dried pasta, dried beans, bottle tops). 

A Dice (see files for printable dice if needed) 


Roll the dice – child uses the items to make double the number.  

In your exercise book, write the number sentence e.g 3+3=6 



Learn a version of We’re going a Bear Hunt – We’re going on a Hole Hunt.  A range of musical instruments that could be used to make different sounds. 





Join in with familiar texts 

Listen to the story every day.  As you get to know the story pause it and predict what happens/comes next...  

Domino doubling 

You will need: 

A set of dominos (see files for printable dominos) 


Turn all the dominoes over. Take turns to turn over a domino. If it is a double, the player gets one point. In your exercise book, write the number sentence for each double domino e.g 3+3=6 


Words that start with the same sound 

Have fun saying words that start with the same sound... like tongue twisters...maybe collect pictures from magazines and comics and stick them onto paper.  A page for pictures beginning with /i/.  insect, itch, invitation, igloo, ice-cream, ivy, Ivy Bank!  This is a fantastic activity for developing expressive language.   


Who has the most?

You will need: 

40 small items (Lego pieces, dried pasta, dried beans, bottle tops). 

 2 sets of number cards - 10 (see files for printable number cards if needed, or make some) 


Child and adult has a set of number card face down. Each player takes turns to turn over the card, for the opponent to make the double of that number – use the small items to make this visual.  

If you are confident with the double facts, you could adapt this by racing to shout out the double of the number, winner keeps the card. 


Have a look at all the photos on Tapestry right back to the beginning of the school year.  Have a think about your favourite photo.  What is it?  What were you doing?  Who were you with?    

Handwriting practice 


Go outside with a large decorating paintbrush and a bucket of water.  Have great fun using large arm movements writing your name on the wall using the paintbrush dipped in water.   

Purple Mash,  activities2do 



Understanding the world 

Explore the natural world – mountains, volcanoes etc:  



Self Care and Independence  / Cooking 

Can you help make a sandwich this week – choose a filling and help the adult spread the bread. 


Access Bug Club using your WONDE key for reading materials which have been allocated to individual children. 




Make a smell bingo game. Find 6 items around your home which have a smell ( e.g perfume, deodorant, toothpaste, cheese, chocolate, orange, soap). Draw a simple bingo card using pictures of these items, or you could place a duplicate of each item on a board. Hide the item in a Tupperware box for the child to sniff -  can they identify the item and “tick off “ on their bingo card? 



 Remember you can always look at the Tawny Owl page for lots of other Maths ideas...  


Practice catching a ball or balloon with a grown up. 

Can you catch from a bounce pass? Can you catch high and low passes?